Hey girl!

Don’t know about you, but I can sure do with a BOOSTER at this time of the year?!
Study, work, this, that,…. there is just SO much going on!

That is why I wanted to create something especially for you that will ‘boost’ you a little bit as you’re ending your year and preparing to start another.

Since I work closely with teen girls and students all the time, I know how crazy busy you are – so I knew that this tool needed to be something that will not take up a lot of your time but still have a positive impact on your life.

The result… a fabulous little e-book called:

“your 30day Outer- and Inner Beauty Booster”

“your 30day Outer- and Inner Beauty Booster”

The guide is written by me, Anri, owner of JAFFAE,
a life-changing and popular course for teen girls in Johannesburg.

“I wanted to create an easy-to-read guide for you that will give you daily inspiration, motivation, tips and information to help boost you outer- and inner beauty. I’ve chosen topics that the girls always enjoy learning more about during their JAFFAE course, and I’ve put that together in a way that is easy to read and digest, but most importantly, easy to APPLY in your daily life. The guide consists of 30 bite-size daily boosters, each one focussing on a different Inner- or Outer Beauty aspect, that will help you to feel beautiful inside and out!”

Some of the INNER-Beauty-Boosters include:
* Healthy habits that promote happiness and good self-esteem (yay!)
* Tips to deal with that destructive inner critic (negative voices)
*  A great tip to help achieving your goals easier
* How living with a grateful heart boost YOU in return
* Why connecting with your day will make you happier
* The power of your words (they can make or break you!)
* The joy of less
* Stress-busters
* The beauty of just being YOU
* And more!

Some of the daily OUTER-Beauty-Boosters in this guide include:
* Your healthy skin checklist
* How to instantly update your wardrobe (on a limited budget)
* Body confidence
* Nutrition for glowing skin
* Why movin’-yr-bod everyday is so important
* Learn more about make-up brushes, choosing the right foundation and other make-up boosters
* The importance of a good nights ZZzzzz
* and many more!

This guide will conveniently be delivered to you in a pdf format via e-mail, making it easy for you to read on your phone, tablet or computer. So whenever you have a moment, just open it up on your device and get your daily booster – never miss a day! 🙂

(that’s LESS THAN R10 a day over the 30days!)

And if you’ve already done the JAFFAE course, this guide is a great reminder and refresher of some of the important outer- and inner beauty aspects that you’ve learnt during your JAFFAE course, but also filled with new tools, tips and boosters that you can use for the rest of your life!

End your year on a positive note and start your holidays, and your new year, with fresh inspiration and motivation.
At only R250.00, it really is possible!

You can buy this online now and the whole process is easy, quick and safe. Just click on the BUY NOW button below.