Payment plan: Girl-School Online Course for Pre-teen girls

R1,380 / month for 4 months

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This is the “4-month Payment Plan Option”
Girl-School is a unique, online video-based, self-development course for pre-teen girls (aged 8 – 12). Your daughter will learn more about herself, and receive tools that will help her to step into the world with confidence and self-worth.

She will learn via bite-size videos (by ‘teacher Anri’), which she can watch anytime, anywhere, together with (FUN) printable pdf downloads to enhance her learning experience.

The Girl-School course will inspire your pre-teen daughter to embrace her uniqueness, treat herself and others with respect, and cultivate healthy habits that will support her on her journey from a young pre-teen girl into that of a confident, young woman.

  • When you buy this product you will get a full 6 month access to this course.
    Content will be released over 4 months:
    Month 1: Modules 1 & 2
    Month 2: Modules 3 & 4
    Month 3: Modules 5 & 6
    Month 4: Modules 7 & 8

Access to the course material for a full half year.