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Video Series: Happy girls ‘travel light’ through life

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“Happy girls travel LIGHT through life”.
In this video series, I will explain to your daughter why it’s so important to LET GO of the feelings that can make her feel ‘heavy’ inside since that can ‘rob’ her from feeling happy! We will focus on these 3 heavy feelings:

Jealousy, Anger and all that Drama – especially in our friendships.

You daughter will learn 3 practical tools to help her to LET GO of these heavy feelings, ’cause we all feel and experience them in life. But when she can learn how to LET GO of the heaviness these feelings can often cause in one’s heart, it will help her to TRAVEL LIGHT through life – and that means a happier life for sure!

  • There are 5 videos in total and will be delivered to your inbox, over the next 5 days.
  • Videos are presented by Girl-School Founder, Anri van der Linde.
  • Age-appropriate, and video duration between 6 – 10 min each.
  • Include free printable pdf sheets.
  • Perfect for 7 – 12-year-olds.

Give your daughter a headstart and let her start to practice and implement these 3 healthy habits in her life today…
It will not only serve her well now but also for the rest of her life!