God gave me a gift to take my passion to empower others and to then package that into courses, products and inspirational gifts.

Looking back at my own “connect-the-dots” picture of my life, I’m starting to see why God placed each specific ‘dot’ in my life. Whether it was a person, an experience, a lesson that I had to learn, an event, a moment… it had to be there to help shape me into the person that I am today – someone that is passionate about helping others build their confidence and to just ENJOY LIFE!

I hope to sprinkle some happiness, gratitude, inspiration, motivation, confidence and smiles into your and your loved one’s lives!

My fav quote right now: “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.” – Erma Bombeck


Empower your pre-teen daughter with this popular video course that she can complete from anywhere in the world and in her own time!

Mainstream education is vital, but not enough. Your daughter should also learn more about herself, manners, social skills, personal care and grooming in order for her to grow into a confident young lady that will feel good about herself and that can step into the world with grace and confidence.

This fun and beautiful course is educational and inspirational and offer a modern approach to set a foundation for positive self-image, self-worth, personal presentation and self-discovery.

A must for all pre-teen girls!

An awesome daily journal for 6 – 12-year-old superstars… bursting with positive benefits!

A positive daily habit that encourages family conversations, creativity, kindness, gratitude & mindfulness.

Plus, the child will create a priceless ‘evidence trove’ of memories and records of physical & personal growth… all “off-the-cloud” and REAL to touch!

A very special, and unique gift for 6 – 12-year-old boys and girls.

Give yourself a daily BOOST of inspiration to feel beautiful inside and out!

This e-guide consists of 30 bite-size daily ‘boosters’. Read one booster a day and start to cultivate healthy habits that will help you to discover and develop your outer- and inner beauty! It will conveniently be delivered to you in a pdf format via e-mail, making it easy for you to read on your phone, tablet or computer.

This also makes a sweet-little-gift for teens or a girlfriend, packed with inspiration!

You never have to wonder about ‘that special’ gift again…

Here you’ll find unique and beautiful gifts at affordable prices.


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