It’s Teacher Anri here!

Thank you for completing the 3-day mom vs me challenge!

I have a personal message for you today!
The first one is for daughter and the second one for mom

Thank you for providing a safe platform for my daughter to develop her self confidence and learn valuable new skills. She couldn’t wait for each new video lesson! This truly was an investment in her future!

Girl-School Parent

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“I would definitely recommend this course to all girls. My daughter loves teacher Anri and says that she wants to sparkle just like her. Thank you, Anri for being such a positive inspiration to my little girl and for planting important ‘seeds’ in her heart. I believe it’s going to grow into one of the biggest trees ever…”

Girl-School Parent

“I loved how organised everything was: The support, the fact that all the printouts get sent to my inbox – it’s like you’ve done all the thinking for me. That’s really helpful and so appreciated by a busy mom.”

Girl-School Parent

“I personally cannot wait to guide your daughter through her journey of self-discovery!”

“Being the owner and principal of one of the top self-development courses and finishing schools in South Africa, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with hundreds of pre-teen and teen girls since 2013 during my live workshops and courses. I’ve been paying close attention to their stories, their concerns and their challenges.

I deeply care about helping young girls to silence the “pressure” the world is putting on them to look and be a certain way, and to learn how to shift their focus back to how uniquely beautiful they are, inside and out, ’cause THAT builds confidence and self-esteem.

I decided to create a DIGITAL course platform, so that busy schedules, location or transport don’t have to stand in the way of your daughter to be empowered through this content. I am also a mom, and I understand the deep love you have for your daughter. I want to make a promise to you that I respect that and have your daughter’s best interest at heart.”

I will personally guide her through the 8 modules of her course. We call the modules  “puzzle pieces” since she will receive a new puzzle piece after completing each module.

The 8-piece puzzle that she will complete at the end will say this:

“I am beautiful inside and out.”

Click on the small + sign to see the lessons inside of each Puzzle Piece:

PUZZLE PIECE 1: Welcome to Girl-School


“Meet teacher Anri and what to expect” This lesson will make her feel right at home! She will learn exactly what Girl-School is (and what it’s not), how it will work and what she needs to do to enjoy and get the most out of this exciting course.
Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • My Super-Duper-Magical-Booster-Ingredient-For-Life list
  • My No-Entry list


“A lady always leaves beauty behind” She will be introduced to ‘the Heart of Girl-School’ which will teach her that “Real Beauty” is the unique OUTER and INNER qualities that makes you YOU. She will also learn what it means to be “a lady” and that “A lady always leaves beauty behind” (hint… it has to do with inner beauty).
Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • The Heart of Girl-School
  • Today I left beauty behind when I… 
  • Mirror Card 1
PUZZLE PIECE 2: First Impressions & Posture


“Signal #1” Why is it important to make a good first impression? She’ll learn about the signals (non-verbal) she’s sending out to people because others will TREAT you according to that first impression you create. Lesson 1 will focus on signal #1: Your appearance
Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • Signal #1 Appearance


“Signal #2” We continue with the non-verbal signals that we send out to others and this time we will focus on: Body Language and Facial Expressions. We’ll also add our first word to her “Super-Duper-Magical-Booster-Ingredient-For-Life” list which is “Eye Contact”. She’ll learn why eye-contact is important and will be encouraged to start practising that.
Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • Signal #2 Body Language and Facial Expressions


“Signal #3” We continue with the non-verbal signals that we send out to others and this time we will focus on our Actions and how we treat other people. We’ll add another two words to her “Super-Duper-Magical-Booster-Ingredient-For-Life” list and will this time focus on “Respect” and “Consideration”
Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • Signal #3 My actions


“Signal #4” In this lesson we focus on our words and specifically how our words have a big impact on what impression we create. We will add our first words to her “No-Entry” list: “Gossip” & “Swearing”. Her “Fun-work” for this lesson will encourage a specific conversation with mom or dad – great for bonding-time too!


“Standing tall” Today I’ll teach her what “good posture” means, but also WHY it is important to “stand and sit tall” – what are the benefits for her? I will show her, step-by-step, how to sit and stand with good posture and also give her some easy stretches that she can do to ensure her “posture muscles” stay healthy and strong.
Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • My circle of trust
  • Mirror Card 2


PUZZLE PIECE 3: The Unique Me


“Why being ME is awesome and comparing is not” This is the module of the course where we focus on just being yourself and that, as long as you treat yourself and others with respect and love, being yourself is the prettiest thing you can be! We will also talk about why wearing a mask is exhausting and that “being REAL” will lead to much more happiness. She’ll also learn that “In order for you to BE yourself you need to know yourself.” So for Fun work she will complete ‘the Real ME Quiz’ (which is also a fun game that she can play with the rest of the family afterwards).
Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • This is me


“Comparison Shield #1: An attitude of Gratitude” Doesn’t matter how shy or confident you are, “Mr.-Ugly-Comparison” will always try to make you feel less than others. But Girl-School girls will be ready for him! I will teach her two skills (called her ‘shields’) that she can use to protect herself from”Mr.-Ugly-Comparison”. The first shield will focus on having an attitude of gratitude and how people that focus on what they can be grateful for everyday, rather than on where they fall short or what they wish they had, are far happier in life! We want to “train her brain” to have this super-powerful attitude in life.
Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • My Gratitude Jar


“Comparison Shield #2: Proud of me!” There won’t always be other people around to acknowledge your achievements but that doesn’t make it any less of an achievement! You can tell yourself! Big and small things – tell yourself when you did something well, a good deed, or anything else that you feel proud of. When she does that, she will grow her self-esteem and self-worth and THAT scares “Mr.-Ugly-Comparison”! So our 2nd shield is called: “Proud of me” and will teach her to start seeing and acknowledging her own achievements – big and small.
Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

    • Proud of me
    • Mirror Card 3


PUZZLE PIECE 4: Have Fun With Personal Care


“My body is starting to change, now what?” In this module I will explain why EVERY girl must pay attention to her personal-care, especially now that her body will start to go through changes. It doesn’t matter whether you are a “girly-girl”, a “tomboy” or anywhere in-between, EVERY girl’s body WILL go through changes and therefore EVERY girl should pay attention to personal hygiene and personal care. I will explain the BENEFITS to her, so that she does this because she wants to, rather than to just “please mom”. That way she is much more likely to cultivate personal-care as a habit for life. I also teach her that every girl goes through puberty in her own unique way and at her own pace – so again – don’t compare!

NOTE: During the personal care lesson, I do not go into detail of WHAT’S and WHY’s of menstruation. I strongly believe that it is the parent’s privilege to discuss this with her daughter and build trust between mother and daughter when you have this conversation on private. I will very briefly touch on the hygiene side of wearing tampons and pads, and that is it. So nothing “embarrassing” will be discussed, girls! ?

This lesson will also focus on general personal hygiene guidelines. She will get a very handy “personal hygiene checklist” which will help her to pack everything she will need, in terms of personal hygiene, when she is away from home. (eg. going on a school camp)

Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • My personal hygiene checklist


“I only have ONE skin” I truly believe that one of the most important personal-care skills that girls should start to learn between the ages of 8 – 12 is to care for the ONE skin that they have. So in this lesson, I teach her a step-by-step, age-appropriate skincare routine, that will not overwhelm her but will be enough to inspire and encourage her to start cultivating this important self-care habit for life. Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • My basic skincare routine
  • Mirror card 4


PUZZLE PIECE 5: Etiquette


“Table Etiquette” “What does ‘etiquette’ mean and why am I learning about it at Girl-School?” Well,  I will answer that question for her and also show her how etiquette fits into the Girl-School puzzle-message that she is busy ‘building’  of  “I am beautiful inside and out.” Table etiquette is one of the first and easiest ways to see if someone has good manners or not. It also doesn’t matter whether you’re dining with the Queen, or just with your family at home, good table manners are timeless and you can ALWAYS apply them as they relate to your specific situation that you’re finding yourself in. She will get a “Table-manners for my home” sheet that will encourage the whole family to practice with her!  Etiquette, or good manners, is a beautiful way to show respect and consideration for others. And a “fancy” 6 course dinner table setting will never be intimidating again to a Girl-School-girl as she will know exactly what to do.
Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • Table Manners for our home
  • Mirror Card 5


PUZZLE PIECE 6: Healthy, Happy Friendships


“The five friends of friendship Friendships are a BIG deal, especially at their age and throughout their teen years. Therefore it’s important to understand what a ‘healthy friendship’ means. I’ll  talk about the “5 friends of friendship” – no friendship can go without these! They are:

  1. Boundaries
  2. Not everyone is going to like me, and that’s okay. (So just be and stay yourself)
  3. Protecting your heart
  4. Speaking Up (Assertiveness)
  5. Trusting your gut (If it feels wrong / unsafe you must act!)

In this lesson we’ll focus on numbers 1 – 3.
Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • My YES and NO list


“Listen to the wise girl inside of you” Today we’ll continue with the “Five friends of friendship” and focus on “Speaking up” and “Trusting your gut”. If something feels wrong, or unsafe, ‘trust your gut’ and speak up or get out! It is there to protect you. I will also give her some very valuable tips to make standing up for herself (Assertiveness) easier and more effective. She will get some role-play cards as well that she can use to practice her new skills with a family member or friend, since I will be encouraging her to practice OUT LOUD. When doing that, she will have more confidence in the ‘real life’ situations.
Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • Assertive role-play cards


“Qualities of a good friend” It is important to know when a friendship is not healthy for you anymore. Therefore we will look at the qualities of a good, and not so good, friendship. You always have a choice about who your true friends are. Become aware of the qualities that you want and look for in a friend since you DESERVE to be treated with respect, love and dignity. She will also receive some helpful tools today that she can use to help her to assess whether a friendship is still healthy for her or not. Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • My friendship-meter-circle
  • Friendship Questions


“The power of Words” The words that come out of your mouth have the power to make DEEP cuts in someone’s heart if you say hurtful things to them. The opposite is also true, your words can have a POSITIVE impact on someone’s life. Girl-School girls know this, since they also want to be beautiful on the inside. They want to choose their words carefully. Only YOU can control what comes out of your mouth. Spread ‘beauty’ with your words.
Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • Mirror Card 6


PUZZLE PIECE 7: My Body is a Gift from God


Marvellously made Our bodies are SO MUCH more than just ‘something that needs to look good in clothes or in a swimming costume”! I will share my own struggles as a model to live with the pressure to always loose weight and share the tools and mindsets that helped me to keep my relationship with my body positive. We need to CHOOSE to see our beauty. The ‘world’ will try very hard to make you feel that your body is not beautiful enough, that is why we need to start seeing our bodies as the GIFT that it is from God and work hard to develop and maintain a positive body image.
Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • This makes my body unique and beautiful
  • I choose to see my beauty


“The big 5” One of the powerful ways we can teach our daughters to have a positive and healthy relationship with their bodies, is to teach them to focus on ‘being healthy rather on just being skinny”. I created the “Big 5 of a healthy lifestyle” which is an excellent start to motivate her to keep her body (and mind) healthy. They are:

  1. Fuel
  2. Move
  3. Rest
  4. Smile
  5. RPL (Respect, Protect, Love for our bodies)

and we spend time talking about each of the five and make it really practical!
Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • The big 5 of a healthy lifestyle
  • Mirror Card 7




“A beautiful heart In this module we will look back at our “Heart of Girl-School” that says: “REAL BEAUTY IS the unique OUTER and INNER qualities that makes you YOU. You have to be SMART in your quest for beauty. Don’t end up MISSING your OWN natural gorgeousness because you’re so busy trying to look, or be, like someone you’re not. Use your unique Inner Beauty to SPARKLE your light in this world. See the small opportunities every day to shine!
Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • My ‘Sparkles’


“From my heart to yours” After this incredible journey that we’ve been on together, it is time for me to say goodbye. I have a special good-bye message for her in this lesson that will highlight and remind her of some of the key things that she has learnt during her Girl-School journey. We will also look at all the words we added to her “Super-duper-magical-booster-ingredient-for-life list” as well as her “No-Entry list” over the duration of her course. She also now completed all her modules, meaning she completed her 8-piece puzzle, and that is truly my wish for her – that she will always remember that she is beautiful inside and out, just like her completed puzzle says, and that she is special, strong and loved.
Fun-Work pages to download for this lesson include:

  • Mirror Card 8


Before you can blink, she will be a teenager.

There are going to be numerous social-, self- and academic hurdles that your daughter will need to navigate through.

Great marks and all the time and money invested in mainstream education will mean nothing if your child doesn’t also learn her self worth and how to deal with these struggles gracefully without her confidence and self-esteem being broken down.

NOW is the time to invest in her well-being and personal development.




Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the + sign next to the question to read the answer:

Will my daughter benefit from doing an online course?
Although I can’t speak for ALL online courses, I can confidently say that THIS online course will benefit your daughter yes! Each lesson has a clear and important message that she will benefit from. It will be an average of plus /minus 10 minutes a day well spent towards her personal growth and development.
Will my daughter be able to follow along?
The course content is delivered in a structured and organised way making it very easy to follow along and to know exactly what should happen next. The course is clearly divided into 8 modules (or as we call them in the course “Puzzle Pieces”) and listed underneath each module are the lessons. Parents will also receive a ‘Parent-Roadmap’ that will clearly list all the lessons, with a space to check lessons off when completed,  ensuring that parents and students never feel lost or overwhelmed. I am with her every ‘cyber-step’ of the way! The lessons are delivered in bite-size length videos, meaning they are short but meaningful and she also has the option to pause and rewind anytime she needs to.
Will my daughter still have fun doing it alone, as a-pose to in a group?
Groups are awesome and have many benefits yes, but this online platform was specifically created so that location, time and other commitments don’t stand in the way of her being able to do and benefit from what Girl-School has to offer. That is always the number one ‘obstacle’ when I present my live workshops – a girl that really wants to do the course but she has other commitments on the course days or traveling / location was an issue. I am sure that she has plenty of other opportunities to be in a social group, be it at school or at other extramural activities, so the benefits of actually gaining this knowledge and growing through this course as a person outweighs the issue of not doing it in a group in my honest opinion. PLUS – now mom or dad is there for her to discuss the content with, which means bonding time and healthy conversations in the home!
What if my daughter has questions?
After the hundreds of hours that I’ve taught live workshops to this age group, I have a very good idea of what questions are popular. Therefore I worked very hard to answer all those questions already inside of the lessons. But should she have other questions she is always very welcome to email me and I will gladly help and support the best I can!  Again, it will be so healthy for your parent-daughter relationship too if she can come to you with her questions. Not only will it spark interesting conversations, but you will also strengthen the bond and trust between you and your daughter when she can discuss her questions with you.
Which technology will we need?
As long as you have an internet connection, you can watch the course on any device. (Smartphone, laptop, desktop computer…) Just use the link and your unique log-in details that will be sent to you after you enrol, and she will be able to continue and watch her lessons. She will also need sound, so either using the speakers from the device or headphones if necessary. If you have any technical issues we will be happy to assist.
Is the course available in AFRIKAANS?
“Die aanlyn kursus is net in Engels beskikbaar. Maar my eie dogter, 8 jaar oud, en ‘n hele paar ander Afrikaanse dogtertjies, het reeds die aanlyn kursus gedoen en die Engels was nie vir hulle ‘n probleem nie. Die kinders is vandag so gewoond om Engels ‘in te neem’ vanaf ‘n skerm, of dit nou TV is of speletjies op tablette.

Onthou ook – as sy enige vrae het wat sy (of jy) wil he ek moet eerder self beantwoord is julle BAIE welkom om my te kontak. Jy kan dan vir my laat weet as jy wil he ek moet die vraag eerder persoonlik oor die foon met haar bespreek, eerder as terug email – ek doen dit met liefde.”
Anri (Girl-School stigter en  kursus aanbieder)

Is the content age-appropriate and safe?
Absolutely! All the content is specifically aimed at this age group and focused on teaching her age-appropriate, healthy habits and tools that she will need to develop now in order to support her during her teenage years. I constantly ask God to guide me while I create content and teach, and I am confident that with His guidance, I developed a course that will have a lasting, positive effect on any girl in this age group.
How long is the course?
There are 21 lessons, so the minimum time that the course can be completed in is 21 days since I do not recommend that students do more than one lesson per day) The benefit of an online course though is that HER SCHEDULE and circumstances are in control, as well as HER unique ability to process the information. That means that she can take longer than 21 days if she feels she needs more time in-between lessons and she can even do only 1 lesson per week since she will have a full 6 month access to her course.
What happens after I've paid for the course?
After successful payment of the course, you will receive a welcome e-mail and video from Anri explaining exactly what to expect and what to do next, to ensure that your daughter gets the most out of her Girl-School experience.