A quick note before you watch the video:

Since the Girl-School Online course is also available to buy as a once-off version, meaning ALL the modules are available from the start, you’ll hear that in this video I advise to only watch one lesson per day.

But a reminder that, since your daughter is doing this course through the Girl-School Club, all the lessons are not available from the start but there will be new lessons available to her every month.

Some months will have 2 new lessons, others only one. We’ve split the lessons so that the total duration per month does not exceed between 15 – 25 minutes. That way your daughter will have plenty of time to consume the content, re-watch it should she like to, spend quality time on her “fun-work” that support the lessons, and not fall behind.

So in this video, please ignore any reference to comments that refer to ‘all content that is available at once’, and also the ‘6-month access’, as this is applicable to the once-off purchase of the full Girl-School Course only and NOT to the Girl-School Club.

You will receive your links and log-in details to this online course tomorrow in your MONTH 1 e-mail.