“Just ignore her.” … ?

That’s often what children hear from adults on how to react to that bully.

Schools are open again, and slowly all grades will be back. This also means, back to a social environment for our children after being away from that for a very long time.

Masks or not, bullies will most certainly (unfortunately) be back too.

I always want my Girl-School students to be ‘armed’ with as many practical tools as possible and I help them to do this by breaking down important age-related topics and giving them step-by-step lists and exercises to help them to cultivate healthy habits and positive mindsets that will better prepare them for teen life and beyond.

Helping girls to be friendship smart is very close to my heart. So today, I have a FREE 5-minute video that I want your daughter (or son) to watch. I will share some practical ‘comebacks’ to those nasty, hurtful or negative comments.

Let her watch the video, and then also print the free A4 page that she can put up in her room as a reminder.

Let’s help our children to be armed and ready with more than a “just-ignore-her-approach in her pocket”.

With lots of love, ?
(Teacher) Anri

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